Sister Lucy Truth began in 2017 as an effort to discover the truth concerning the life and person of Sister Lúcia dos Santos of Fatima. It was specifically begun as an attempt to find out, by using the latest scientific means and expert consultation, whether or not there was the substitution of an imposter for the real Sister Lucy of Fatima during the years after 1958.

After establishing Sister Lucy Truth as a tax-exempt corporation in order to receive donations to advance the investigation, a world-class private investigator was hired to pursue the case. His task was to work first to establish the truth of the situation, and then, if it was found out that there was a substitution, the inquiry into the fate of the real Sister Lucy and the identity of the imposter was to be commenced.

In the course of 2018, other contacts were made that put Sister Lucy Truth with a wide range of professionals, from accountants, to lawyers, and to the many experts relevant to identifying the woman who was presented as “Sister Lucy of Fatima,” before the eyes of the world from the visit of Paul VI to Fatima on May 13, 1967 to her death in 2005. One of the major events in the career of the woman known as “Sister Lucy” was her presence at the Fatima event on May 13, 2000 in which the Cardinal Secretary of State told the world that the Third Secret of Fatima was to be released to the world on June 26, 2000. Was the woman at these events the woman who had received the revelation at Fatima or was it another?

Suspicions and questions related to the identity of the woman put forward as “Sister Lucy of Fatima,” especially those provoked by photographs available from official sources, were the initial reasons to begin the inquiry. The professionals hired to analyze the photographs, each according to their own specialty and with the relevant technologies, were asked to determine whether the known Sister Lucy, pre-1958, was the same individual as the one presented as ‘Sister Lucy” beginning with an appearance at Fatima for the 50th Anniversary of the Apparition on May 13, 1967.

Sister Lucy Truth has now compiled a sufficient number of professional reports to make the judgment that there were two women, one the authentic Sister Lucy who was the Seer at Fatima in 1917, and the other an imposter who presented herself as the real Sister Lucy of Fatima at least from May 13, 1967 until her death on February 13, 2005. Even as we commission further reports from other specialists and facial recognition experts in order to complete our understanding of the imposture, we will use the information we have already compiled in order to discover what happened to the true Sister Lucy of Fatima and in order to identify the imposter.

As of September 19, 2019

  1. We are still on the identification stage of the investigation. We are now very much in the process of collecting reports from relevant professionals which will testify to the identity or misidentify of Sister Lucy of Fatima I (pre-1958) and Sister Lucy of Fatima II (post-1958). Even though the evidence so far as been overwhelming, we want our thoroughness in the case to make any further scientific identification project unnecessary. I would hope that by Easter, this stage of the process could be completed.
  2. We are waiting for outstanding reports from the following professionals:
    1. Amazon facial recognition report.
    2. 1 additional Plastic Surgeon report.
    3. Ophthalmological analysis regarding the two Sister Lucys.
  3. Brief biographies of each expert consulted as well as their qualifications.
  4. We are creating a presentation which will be given to private audiences—private, so as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation—concerning all of the most recent findings of the Sister Lucy Truth investigation. One conference has already lined up this presentation.
  5. Declassified documents from the State Department, FBI, and CIA.

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